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“She has clarity for teaching meditation. She is metaphysical, soulful, loves to help people, capable of teaching. I took a meditation class from Tammy and found it to be enriching for the soul. She has had extensive training from The Chopra Center and should be teaching all over the world. If we had more teachers of meditation, there would be less violence. I will hail the day it is in our school systems as part of our everyday routing.”


"From day one, Tammy has been an attentive spiritual mentor in my life who is always there to lend a helping hand or an ear to listen; and with her guidance, I have been able to manage my stress, change my perceptions and experience a new way of life that is vastly more rewarding than anything I could have imagined. Thanks Tammy!”


“Taking Tammy White’s meditation course has had such a positive and profound impact on my life. Not only do I have the tools to combat stress but overall my thinking and thoughts have naturally shifted to always coming from a positive place. Tammy’s guidance takes you through this transformation where everyday you find much more joy because of meditation."


 The generic mantra and of course, the personal mantra, help keep the mind from wandering. It enables the meditator to enter that space where, if bringing back focus to the mantra, one can and does encounter spacelessness, timelessness, one-ness. Tammy’s gift and passion for this form of meditation is a blessing. Columbus, and indeed the Midwest, is truly fortunate to have her.”

Phone: 614.565.8150